Woodinville #1

PLEASE READ: Raleigh Bourbon and Banter Woodinville picks will be available at Person County ABC and Lillington County ABC at the beginning of September 2020. Exact date, time and store location will be provided soon. Please fill out the form below to enter for a chance to win a bottle reservation and after submission, continue to the next page to make a $5 donation to Vets to Vets United. You are free to reserve a bottle from both barrels if you would like. The Person County variant is going to be divided amongst two stores. If you reserve from this barrel, do not forget to make your store selection in the form!

Person County Barrel

Barrel Profile: 60.58% ABV. Barrel #3194. 192 bottle yield

Notes: Nose is less sweet and is more traditional oak with hints of vanilla.  The taste is a smooth creamy caramel  with oak and notes of black cherry.  The finish is also very smooth and gives the impression of a lower proof even though its slightly higher than our other barrel.

Lillington Barrel

Barrel Profile: 60.18% ABV. Barrel #3209. 192 bottle yield

Notes:  Very sweet light nose with a hint of peach.  The taste follows thru with the fruit and  citrus notes.  The finish is spicy  and a little more heat than I anticipated for such a sweet nose and palate.

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