Woodford Double Oaked #1

Our first Woodford Double Oaked picks will be available for purchase at the Angier ABC store on September 26th. Please fill out the form below to enter for a chance to win a bottle reservation and after submission, continue to the next page to make a $5 donation to Vets to Vets United.

Barrel A

90.4 ABV | 225 bottle yield | $54.95

Tasting Notes: Nice and easy sipper. Has a soft and smooth feel with hints of sweet peach and apricot fruits. It has a finish of caramelized orange peel and oak.

Barrel B

90.4 ABV | 225 bottle yield | $54.95

Tasting Notes: More intense. Notes of baking spice, cherry and dark fruit. Finish is bittersweet chocolate and caramel mixed with appropriate heat.

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