Ragged Branch #2 – July 2022

We are doing a special pick in coordination with the Franklinton ABC store. This is the second of two Ragged Branch picks that will be released jointly. This bottle will be available for pickup on Tuesday, July 19th. If you would like to reserve a bottle, please fill out the form below. For procuring this barrel for the group, we ask that you please consider a nominal donation to our charity partner for 2022. Please do not feel compelled to donate twice should you want to reserve both bottles.

Should there be more reservation requests than bottles available, we will randomize the requests and award reservations to those at the top of the list until we’ve filled the total allotment.

Ragged Branch The Caretaker

125 Proof | $64.50 | 230 bottles

Frank’s Take: “Ragged Branch created this by accidentally blending their wheated bourbon and their traditional straight bourbon. It’s basically a four-grain bourbon that is simply amazing.”

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