Maker’s Mark Private Select French Connection

Our next Maker’s Mark pick will be available for purchase at the Sherron Road ABC store in Durham on Wednesday, November 24th. Please fill out the form below to be included in the lottery for this bottle. After submission, we ask you to consider a nominal donation to the group to cover costs to procure the barrel and inch us towards our 2021 charitable goal. This year we are donating to the N.C. Restaurant Relief Fund to fight the economic effects of the pandemic.

As has been the case in the past, if there are more submissions than bottles available, entries will be randomized and the first 210 names on the list will be notified that they have an opportunity to purchase.

Maker’s Mark French Connection

110.2 Proof | $69.95 | 210 Bottles

Bold maple on the nose. Lot of sweetness/citrus. A myriad of flavors including textbook oak, floral notes and a dominant red wine note. Complex profile that is more reminiscent of Maker’s commercial barrel finished variety.

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